Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mr. Drunky Drunk has an Enabler

So, last month I posted about almost getting killed in the McDonald's parking lot. I filed charges and waited for my court date. Last Tuesday was the date I got. Here is an account of what followed.

We get a subpoena in the mail. Hubby and I both took an entire day off of work since the alloted court time was in the middle of the day. In order for me to take this one day off I had to split up my hours because Court just happened to fall during the Week From Hell and I had 4 Christmas parties to attend that week. I had to work at least 4 hours every day for 7 days to take this one day off and not miss any of my already committed-to parties!

The day finally comes for me to testify against Mr. Drunky Drunk and guess what?? He doesn't show up...but wait there's more! His Dad shows up in his place!! At first we were just looking at him, whispering, "Is that him? That doesn't look like the guy. Are you sure that's him? That guy looks too old to me him..and too heavy." Well, to be honest we weren't entirely sure that it wasn't him. It didn't look like him the way we remembered it, but to be honest we only saw him for like one minute and that was at night a month ago! So, we didn't say anything because we weren't positive and we didn't have proof anyway. We sat in court for 2 hours waiting on him to be called and when it finally happened he plead guilty. The clerk looked at me and said, "Your dismissed." Just like that. I take a whole day off of work, rearrange my entire life which includes working 7 days straight to be dismissed. Crap. I still don't even know what he got...a fine, community service, jail?? So, I thought that was the end of that. Very disappointing.

But then Sunday came.

Sunday after church we were driving home and we passed right by this guy's house (like I said in my last post, we are practically neighbors) and who do we see sitting on the porch smoking a ciggarette? Right...Mr. Drunky Drunk. Damn. Now, because I am a person of high morals or maybe because I am kind of a bitch, I have to go back to the Magistrate and tell him what happened. Do I think anything will happen? No, what's done is done. If his Dad is okay with his son being a drunk and beligerent person that tries to run over children in restaurant parking lots that's his business, but I have to tell someone what this guy is doing.

Maybe it's a Jr./Sr. situation. Maybe his dad is the one that opened the door and said 'Yeah, it was me' because it was easier than making his son take responsibility for what happened. Maybe he only has one more strike against him before he loses his license...I don't know. All I know is that once I tell someone in authority then I've done what I feel like I have to do. Damn, why do I have to be so freaking responsible??


K. Erickson said...

Welcome back to blogger land. We've missed you. Sorry that your brush with the justice system was less the satisfying. I wish I could say that that is an aberration. Unfortunately, that sort of thing is all to common. The truth is that personal responsibility only matters between individuals, and it's just best to avoid those who don't understand the concept.

SSW said...

Good for you! He should have to take responsibility for his actions!

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