Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More trips down Memory Lane

Well for some reason Blogger decided not to let me edit my last post, so here are the rest of my poems. They are still in chronological order beginning where the last one left off. Enjoy!


*Inside your eyes...*

Inside your eyes,
I see many things.
I can see a caged bird,
who wants to spread her wings.
I can see the depths
of the oceans in your eyes.
I can see lost dreams
fading as they die.

The extent to which your pain goes really knows no bounds.

The sound of anguish echos
as it crashes and it pounds.

Your face continues smiling - as you turn to face the world.
But inside your shrinking slowly...
the fire inside you cooled.

The demise of the true you, all but missed by those you hold dear,
has caused you to become
jaded and locked inside by fear.

I wonder how this happened, how you came to be so far away.

Will someone finally notice it?
Will there ever be a day?

As I watch your face with pity,
your heart as dense as stone,

I realize with great sadness that the face I look upon
is my own.



To see you is like
waking to a glorious sunrise and realizing that God
has given you vision,
to see this very thing.  

To be near you is like witnessing a miracle.
You are fairly certain
you will remember this
for as long as you live.  

To know you is like being exposed to the secrets
of the heavens.
The sheer wonderfulness of it all is awe-inspiring.  

To touch you is like unadulterated bliss.
Nirvana that comes from the nucleus of every cell in my body.  

To love you is like
being touched by God.
This presence, this calming presence, stays with me and roots me to the earth. Encouraging me to be a better woman.



Mommy will you stay?
Will you hold me through the night?
I am so small that I get scared-
especially at night.

Mommy do you love me?
Am I what you asked God for??
I did not mean to spill my drink on the kitchen floor.

Somtimes I get excited and just cannot be still.
I am silly with a funny face-that's part of my appeal!

Please do not forget, Mommy,that I learn these things from you.
When you frown and shout so loud,I use that as a tool.

I learn to lash out in anger,at things that make me mad. I never learn to compromise,or let my temper cool.

One day you will need me, Father Time can be cruel.
One day you will spill your drink then I'll be lashing out at you.

Please remember Mommy,
that I love you with all my heart.
All I want is for you to smile at me,
that's the easy part :)


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