Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Visiting the poetry of my past...

These are some poems that I had posted on another site. Hope you enjoy. They are listed chronologically from first written to last written, over a three month period in 2005. Hopefully there will be more to come.


*Lover of Words*

A blank sheet of paper...
the most intimidating thing I've ever seen.

Lying in wait,
with expectancies that
far outreach my own.

You could create something brilliant and flowing,
or witty and emotional,
or you could just write out your grocery list.

How do you know
what that paper's destiny is?

The very first step  
is laying your pencil to it, and speaking to it with your heart.

Poetry is a love affair that your heart has with a notebook.

What kind of lover are you?

Playful, conservative, passionate, quiet,
boisterous, reserved...?

So too, are the types of words that you write.

Close your eyes and let your heart imagine  
the type of lover you are
or could be if you tried.

These are the types of poems in your heart.

Let them out.


Darkness falls -

Darkness Falls-
black as the long raven hair of a gypsy girl.

Loose waves of blue-black, twisting and tangling...
as is frames that beautiful young face.

Darkness creeps -
Silent as a panther in the jungle, stalking prey, unsuspecting...
ready to pounce.

Darkness lingers -
Like the red hot feeling
of a lover's breath
on the base of your neck
or the electric shock
as his fingertips dance across your skin.

Darkness grieves -
A mother for her child,
a daughter for her father.

Darkness comforts - Empowering you to relax,
and slip unencumbered
into sleep.

Darkness disappears -
A lover that held you all night yet you wake to
find him gone...
with no trace left behind
and leaves you wanting more.


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