Friday, May 28, 2010


I am: completely annoyed at my husband's healthcare "team" (I use that word loosely) for a) bouncing him from partner to partner and providing no continuity of care. b) telling us they can no longer see him as our new insurance is now out of network two minutes after telling him he needs surgery and c) being wrong about the out of network part, which we didn't find out until we were already set up with a new doc...which I had to orchestrate as his "team" didn't deem it necessary to refer us even with the surgical need! Grrr!!

I am: secretly planning a Disney vacation...without my my head. Hey! A girl has to have a fantasy right?? I grew up in Orlando, my parents both worked there and I worked there in high school. I miss it in a way I can't describe without making myself look like a total dork. The only time I'm not planning a vacation back is when I'm actually there :)

I am: allergic to putting clean, folded clothes into the dresser. I can walk them all the way in the bedroom and place them ON TOP of the dresser they belong in yet never seem to be able to get them where they belong. I have no idea why...just something I know about myself.

I am: so short that my feet don't touch the carpet when I sit on my own couch.

I am: watching Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day for the second time today, owing to the fact that Hubby missed it when the kids saw it this afternoon. Yes, I am laughing at all the same parts again. No, it does not feel like deja vu.

I am: really thankful for Chap Stick. I think I might be addicted.

I am: done now.

Thank You :)


K. Erickson said...

Don't feel bad about being short. It could be worse. You could be tall like me hitting your head on low hanging door jambs, stairwells, etc. and having an impossible time finding clothes that fit.

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