Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July!!

Today is not July 4th, but I am going to be too busy tomorrow to post so here is my 4th of July post.
I will be with friends tomorrow, drinking a cold drink (preferably a frozen one if I can help it), eating charred food and watching my kids swim. I will not be far away from my family. I will not be in a foreign country. I will not be dirty, hungry or tired, I don't think so anyway. I will not be wearing Kevlar. But...I know someone who will. My friend Kim's son Luke is in Iraq. This is his second deployment. He has a young wife and a beautiful baby girl to celebrate with his mom in his absence. I have met Luke just a couple of times, but I know from his very proud mama what an extraordinary young man he is. He is in the 82nd Airborne, a prestigious assignment, and he has already achieved so many accolades in his short time in the Army. I know her heart aches for him to come home safely and from what I hear he lacks only a few weeks before that happens. So today as I barbeque with friends and play with fireworks and tomorrow while I drink my frozen drink and watch my children safely play where I can see them, I will say many prayers. Prayers for Luke and his fellow soldiers, prayers for all soldiers anywhere, prayers for Kim and Luke's wife and baby, prayers that I never share in Kim's fear for her son's life and prayers for our government, which always need the prayers. If you think about it tommorrow, say a prayer too. Everyone needs a little prayer.
Happy 4th of July everyone! Be safe!!


Karen said...

Thanks for your visit, Melanie. I appreciate your comments.
Two of my sons actually went to the same school my husband did I think in order to have the same sort of friendships with friends. What I think they are learning is that you have to work at it... even from a distance. Thank goodness for emailing now, Facebook and blogs we'll stay in touch a little better.
Have a wonderful day. You're a great writer!
Ladybug Creek

Betty's corner of the world said...

Very nice Melanie ... I love the way you write.
I found you threw Karen at Ladybug Creek ...It's good meeting you.
Hugz ..Betty

Melanie said...

Karen- Thanks for visiting! I do envy those long-term friendships :) We are in the child-raising season right now and it's so encouraging to be reminded of a season to There is life after this! LOL I too thank the Lord for email and Facebook.

Betty- Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the compliment...alot :)

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