Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

I can finally talk about it...the long awaited Girls' Cruise Countdown has begun.

Two of my sisters (I have three), E & T, have invited me and a friend to join them and three of their friends on a 5 day cruise to Mexico :)

Let me say that again: :) :)

I'm super excited. I've never been on a cruise and, much to Hubby's disappointment, my first one won't be with him at my side. He did pout, for a moment, but finally my pouting was more unbearable than his pouting and I won the right to travel into international waters without him. Funny how when men pout it doesn't work nearly as well as when women do it...hmm.

Anyway, I have a new gadget to help with the countdown. I'm super excited about that too. I'm just a bundle of joy tonight. Getting off of work early and not having to work the next two days might account for part of it, but I digress.

We are bunking like its summer camp, bunk beds and all, so that we can all afford the trip on last minute notice, but from what I hear (from seasoned cruisers) you rarely sleep at night anyway. That is what the pool is for the next day. I don't care if I have to sleep on the floor, as long as they let me on the boat.

I didn't post about it earlier because I wanted to make sure that the trip was final beforehand, and tonight the last passenger paid the final balance. Mexico here we come!

We will be leaving Sept. 6th and spending a day each in Cozumel and Calica. I will not..NOT... be doing any fancy excursions without my dear Hubby, but a girl's gotta shop so I will be at least going into the port. I cannot wait.

5 days without children, spouse, laundry, cell phones, text messages or work.

I hear a sundeck chair and a frozen drink calling my name.

I'm coming my love. I'm coming.


Candance said...

I am SOOOO jealous!! You're going to have a blast, Lady!

Melanie said...

I know right?? I almost wanna go pack right now, lol! One thing is plaguing my brain...I have to buy a swimsuit. Damn! I found my future blog post right there.

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