Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Still Alive

It has been 9 days since I've blogged.

That kinda sounded like a confession or an AA greeting.

I have nooo idea where I've been for 9 days. I only remember work, sleep, eat, repeat. I have had days off, they just fly by in such a blur it's like they didn't actually happen. Hubby and I took the boys to see Toy Story 3. That was fun. At least I remember it.

I don't really remember anything else. I have been dealing with a twisted knee and a run-on neck muscle spasm, but these are random things. I have had some majorly intense relationship moments in the last couple weeks though. I think all the women I know have lost their cotton-pickin' minds frankly. Now I remember why all my high school friends were guys and contrary to popular belief it had nothing to with my bra size. I totally get why men are so mystified by women....ya'll there is a very thin line between sane and insane and we pretty much crisscross back and forth at will.

One prior friend, one current friend, one of my sisters and my boss have been taking turns freaking out on me. The prior friend discussion is closed. The tiff with my sister: resolved. My boss is probably not over...I did learn a little something about her during all this that will be helpful in the future. CYA. To non-medical folks thats a handy little abbreviation that we like to call Cover Your Ass...because no one else is going to cover it for you and no one will notice you under that big ass bus.

The situation with my current friend is really the only one that I genuinely care about and am praying comes to a good end. Sometimes technology sucks because even if you are perfectly literate you cannot discern tone of voice or body language through the written word and sometimes you need to know those things, ya know?

My very handsome son, The Sweet One , got his driver's permit today. Yay! You should all Thank God that you don't live in our town. Oh. My. Goodness. I took him for his first driver's lesson this evening. Let's just say there was screaming and sweaty palms and white knuckles plus he was nervous too.

Hubby and I are kinda trying to plan a 4-day trip for the middle of August for my birthday and our anniversary, which are one day apart. I'm still counting down to my Girl's Cruise in September.

By the time those things come around I am definitely going to need the vacation, cause ya'll may I just say, I am one tired lady.


K. Erickson said...

"Now I remember why all my high school friends were guys and contrary to popular belief it had nothing to with my bra size." Mel, maybe from your perspective; however, from the guys' perspective, 99% of the time it had everything to do with what was in the bra.

"I totally get why men are so mystified by women" We are totally mystified by women because they are not men.

Melanie said...

K.- you are totally messing with my state of reality here. In my brain, men are not that simple. Fantasy maybe, but it's my fantasy. Let sleeping dogs lie brother, let sleeping dogs lie ;)

Anonymous said...

CYA was an everyday thing when I worked where you do :). . . .hope it gets better!! Janice

A Hopeful Heart said...

I am much belated in visiting your blog and thanking your for your encouragement as I consider possibly writing a WW II era novel. I've enjoyed writing magazine articles in the most recent past, but I'm still wondering if I want all the research that goes into a novel...especially because we are hoping to adopt within the next year. However, in the meantime, I will definitely be feeding my love for writing through my blog. And I'll continue to read WW II materials to increase my knowledge.

I am planning a cruise in January, and I am SO excited already. I can imagine how excited you are for your quickly-approaching cruise.

Finally, I see by your profile that you are in Alabama. We are hoping to move to Alabama (Montgomery area). We want to move back to the South, as we are Southerners at heart and have hated living away from the South. Without looking at a map, which I don't have handy right now, I don't know where you are in relation to Montgomery.

I hope the situation with your friend is resolved well. Hopefully, you have the ability to discuss the situation face to face and get any misunderstandings straightened out before they escalate.

Anyhow, thank you again for your encouragement. We will see how God leads me.

Blessings to you,
Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

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