Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Funeral Worker

He pulled up to the back door and rang the bell. The weary supervisor trudged down the silent hall and saw him standing on the other side of the fortified glass window. He smiled his toothy smile, pushed his oversized glasses up his nose and waved.
"Evening Ms. Pearl", he said in a chipper way.
"Evening Rolly", she wheezed as she hefted the door open enough for him to squeeze in.
"He's almost still warm tonight", he offered.
"Pfft" was all that Pearl said to him.
Rolly had been bringing bodies to the hospital morgue for several months. He offered his ID to her and she waved him off.
"Rolly, I don't need to see your ID every time."
"I know Ms. Pearl, but I'm supposed to show you so I do."
She held the door open for him and he went back down to the car and brought back a gurney with a dark body bag strapped to the top. He followed her back down the silent hallway and to the unmarked door by the electrical room. She used her gigantic keyring with ease as she unlocked the morgue. He rolled his burden passed her and she helped him put the poor dead man into a cold drawer.
She handed him the sign in log and a pen. He signed his name and handed it back.
"Goodnight Pearl", he called
"Night Rolly".
The next night Pearl noticed that no one had claimed the body she helped Rolly load. She called the funeral home he worked for only to be told that no one named Rolly worked for them. She thanked the man for his help and slowly hung up the phone confused.
Just then she saw Rolly's face on the TV that hung in the ER waiting room.
The caption read, " Serial Killer caught after 7 month Spree".
Pearl dropped her gigantic keyring.


Karen said...

YIKES! Glad I didn't read this last night. Sounds like the beginning to a real mystery.
Keep writing!
Ladybug Creek

K. Erickson said...

Now why didn't think of that? Oh yeah, I'm not a serial killer. Is there something you are trying to tell us Mel?

Melanie said...

Karen - this one is complete...just a short blip of a story.

K.- ummm...that I have homicidal ideations sometimes? Yes. That I AM a serial killer? No. Funny you should mention it...Hubby said "What is wrong with you?" when I read it to him :) Just a smattering of the 'warpedness' that is me.

webless said...

yikes, mel. are you sure about your work schedule? :) on a more complimentary tone, you do have a very good imagination! :)

Melanie said...

That's 2 yikes so far...guess that's what I was going for considering the nature of the story!

Melanie said...

Ya'll I swear I really am mostly normal...mostly.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Rolly is one clever guy. What a way to hide the evidence!

Nicely done.

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