Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Lost Savannah Post: BuildingsPart #2

As promised, here is the second post about the beautiful buildings we saw in Savannah. Some of these are blurry. I apologize. I do have to say that pictures just cannot describe the beauty of that city... I am fully in love.

This is the interior of the Wesley Monumental Methodist Church that we attended while there. Going to church is not something we've ever done on vacation, but it just seemed like the thing to do and besides there were at least 5 historical churches in as many blocks. This picture show the Sanctuary at Christmas...that's because I ripped it off their website. They did not allow flash photography. Funny that they had to make that rule, but it's probably because of stupid tourists like me :)
Exterior of the Wesley Monumental. I couldn't get a close up of the stained glass windows but it's worth mentioning that they are in Louis Tiffany himself came from New York to install them with his own hands.
This is the Pink House. It is a converted Civil War mansion that is now a pricey, reservation-only restaurant. We ate here on my birthday. Sadly, cannot give it a good rating at all. Our meal cost almost $100, we couldn't hear ourselves think for the noise and Hubby couldn't cut his $40 steak WITH the steak knife! I think we know how the can get away with it...I order a cute little fruity cocktail, drank only half of it and I don't remember the ride home. At. All.

This and the next few pictures are interior shots of the St. John's Catholic Church. I cannot say enough how breathtaking it was to stand in this church. This is the pipe organ, which is so large it sits in the loft above the sanctuary. Over 200 pipes. Just wish I could have gotten a non-blurry picture!

This is the best shot I could get, trying to show the scale of this place.

The stained glass was exquisite.

Tried again for a pic of the pipe organ...notice all the little people on the mail level. This place was gigantic.

The prayer altar...ummm, I don't know the official name of it. I've never been in a catholic church before this trip.

Prayer candles.

More stained glass.

This city is absolutely choking with wrought iron. It was all beautiful. This was just a good example.
This is the Mercer House. If you've ever seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, this is the house. It was beautiful. Named the Mercer House because it belonged to the Mercer Family since the Civil War but the last Mercer to live there was the famous songwriter Johnny Mercer. You can tour it, but we didn't have time.

Beautiful building on the block we stayed on. Used to be a single family home if you can believe it, but now its a law office. Side note: The lawyer that works here breeds the bulldogs for the University Of Georgia.

Grand old home next to the Mercer Home.
Well, this is all the buildings. The next post will just be random things. Hope you are enjoying my pictures!


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