Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Savannah #1

Here are some random pics... too many for one post again so more to come. I told ya'll you'd be sick of Savannah when I was done ;)

This is my most favorite picture of Savannah. This sums up the whole city for me.
The Harbor Light.
Olympic Torch Monument.
The Waving Girl of Savannah, waving at all the ships passing through the channel to the harbor. True story of a lady who spent her entire life waving at passing ships in hopes of finding the sailor who said he was coming back for her...he never came.
The riverboat.
View of the Harbor.

They call this a "true Savannah rose". The homeless give them away for donation. It's made out of stripped up palm leaves.

I thought it was wonderful~

Our room at the B&B.I thought that this headboard was gorgeous. Antique of course.

This is the tedious little stairway we had to navigate with all of our luggage. You would think that we wouldn't have much luggage for a 4 day trip. You would be wrong.

A view down the sidewalk at our B&B. Not to be a broken record, but I cannot express how beautiful Savannah is.

Deserted little courtyard.
Jasper Monument...this poor fellow died saving his regimental colors during the Seige of Savannah. I thought it was pretty all lit up.

There are horse drawn carriages every where you look! Sounds reality the whole downtown area smelled like manure. You do get used to it...kinda.
All the gutters downtown have these Dolphin Fish spouts. Some old sailor's lucky charm having to do with flooding or hurricanes or something. They were cute.
One of the squares at night.


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