Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy 50th to me :)

This is my 50th blog post.

To those of you that have been going for a while, it's a small accomplishment, but it's mine. I'm so very tired from my very long night at the hospital but I wanted to take a moment to mark this occasion. I started this blog almost a year ago, so yes in the the beginning I didn't blog very often. I started it one night well after midnight, as most shady operations start, because I couldn't sleep. I had experienced something with a patient that kept rolling around in my head. I kept re-hashing the days events and going over and over the conversation in my mind until I thought I would explode. I had also just had a conversation with a friend about toying with the idea of blogging. So, well after midnight, I found myself setting up a Blogger account. I didn't even know what to call myself. When it came time to give a URL name I balked...I couldn't make up my mind. Hence the URL: Some of you may have not even noticed that my blog name and URL didn't matter. By the time I figured out what to call the blog I had a couple of followers and certainly didn't want to lose them, so I just kept things as they are. Some of you know that I started blogging from my Blackberry at first and just recently have been able to upgrade to the "real" internet...hence the giant jump in activity.

I can really say that I enjoy my blog. When I started I was in the midst of some questions about myself that I have been able to answer specifically through my blogging. I was and sometimes still am trying to find myself. Not so much in an existential way as a literal, "where am I" way. Before the blog I was lost to my life in a way that was kind of sad. Lost to motherhood, even though I love my children. Lost to being a wife, even though I love my husband. Lost even to being a friend, even though I have amazing friends. This blog has helped me find out more about myself in the last several months than I have been able to find in the last several years. I have been known to post some personally challenging things, as well as some fun and light-hearted things, but I make no apologies because that's my life. Sometimes it's all fun and games and other times it just plain sucks.

Thank you to my followers, few though you may be, for joining the journey. This is just the beginning. Pretty soon it'll be my 100th post, then my 1000th post and beyond.

I can't wait :)


K. Erickson said...

Mel, congrats on your first milestone. You already have more followers than I do (which I have to admit makes me slightly jealous as double digit followers is one of my arbitrary milestones). I did notice the discontinuity between the blog name and URL, but I never considered it a big deal. There is a blog called "Home On The Range" that has a large following whose URL is "mausersandmuffins.blogspot". I think we all go through the initial "what do I want to call myself" phase. I was fortunate to hit on an idea that I liked then which I still like now even though the original intent of my blog and what it is now are 2 different things. Keep it up.

webless said...

:) :) And you are WRITING! :) Congrats on number 50!

Candance said...

Congrats, Lady!! 50 posts is a big deal. It's totally a big deal and the reasons you started it make it a super huge big deal!!

Kristina said...

Yay!! I have enjoyed reading pretty much ALL of your postings. (I've had a few sleepless nights myself!)

Flourchild said...

Yipeee for 50 posts! I enjoy your blog. Thanks for leaving nice comments on mine!

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