Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Post

Happy Father's Day!

We had a great Father's Day today with Hubby. We weren't able to let him sleep in because of church, but we made sure that he was the last one to wake was the least we could do! We prepared him a surprise pancake and egg breakfast (Yum!), gave Hubby a card from each of us, presents that consisted of a new set of garage tools and a bible in a translation he had been asking for and then headed off to Church. Our friend and pastor gave a great sermon to the guys about leading in the home today that I'm sure got a lot of people's attention. Kudos to a man giving a sermon to men, on Father's Day, and using the words lazy, slacker and poser in the same sermon without offending anyone. Way to go! Afterwards there was much pondering over where to have lunch, since it was Hubby's choice and he didn't to pick a place that provided toys with the kids' meal :) We were all excited when he chose Japanese Hibatchi...dinner and a show! Bonus.

To say that the Hibatchi scared Mr. Funny (our 8 yr old) is an understatement. Picture a child trying to eat with chopsticks while simultaneously trying to plug his ears from the "noise" of the pyrotechnics and acrobatic spatula. I was worried he was going to accidentally puncture an ear drum! The Mouth and The Sweet One both loved it, as most boys do when they get to see things on fire. Mr. Funny lightened up when we bought him a "Japanese Sprite" as it was labeled on the menu. It came in a funny shaped bottle with a marble in the lid, sealing it, that you had to pop out with the provided tool in order to drink. Unfortunately there isn't a way to get the marble out when your done without breaking the bottle. Breaking the bottle isn't going to happen, since we're "keeping it forever". I mean...we have to - it's got Japanese writing right on the label!

When we had stuffed ourselves with all the Japanese food we could eat, we headed home for long Sunday naps, movies and ice cream. Pretty much in that same order.

So, this is a short post, but I'm groggy from the bucket of Japanese leftovers I had for dinner, the ice cream and the general laziness that a Sunday afternoon brings to our house. I hope that everyone who celebrated it, had a great Father's Day. I myself don't have my father anymore, so I remember him on this day while I heap extra love and attention on Hubby. To those of you who aren't fathers, remember to include any other male role model shoes you fill...teacher, friend, uncle, brother, even spouse. Fatherhood takes a multitude of talents and each of these roles draws a little from those talents as well. Celebrate that. To my single mom friends, I hope you got a little love today as well, since your filling both roles. If you know someone in these two catagories who may have been missed today, give them a ring tomorrow. Tell them you were thinking of them too. Everyone likes to be remembered. I'm back to work tomorrow....Everyone have a great week!!


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