Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New digs

I rearranged the furniture!

I got bored, as women do, and decided to get a new template. A recent obsession with pin up, early 20th century (30's to 50's) and vintage led the way. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find one that wasn't more than half naked...I didn't want people to be confused as to the nature of my blog. Once I narrowed it down to mostly clothed pin ups, I was really disappointed to find a distinct lack of brunettes. *pout* Oh well, I like my little woman that sits at the top of the page and I guess that's all that matters!

So, kick off your shoes, pull up a chair and sit a spell.

You're always welcome here :)


K. Erickson said...

Mel, love the new look. I changed mine up a bit a couple of months ago, and I'm still not happy with it. I need to learn how to build my own template for the "unique" look. I also understand your disappointment about the lack of brunettes. Blonds are overrated (says the man married to a redhead).

Melanie said...

Thanks! I used a template from yummylolly.com. She had some great ones there. Is it tacky to use a ready-made template? That isn't like a true southerner using instant grits is it? Anyhow, your my new hero for the blonde remark. All women wish they were redheads by the way, even if it's in secret :)You're a lucky man, but you already knew that!

Flourchild said...

Nice new look. I love the pinup and Im glad you found one that was dressed!
Thanks for the get well wishes for my girls. They are doing good today!

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