Monday, June 28, 2010


I found these on the internet. They are called "Fashion Pants"...apparently they are from Italy.
I don't even have the strength for this.
Really? REALLY??
Please tell me these people see what they look like wearing pants like this. From the thigh down: a nice pair of leggings. From the thigh up? Umm... how do I phrase this correctly....a woman wearing her husbands long john's...backwards. Does that cover it?
What has happened to fashion? I must be lost. I was looking for vintage dresses, or reproductions, and of course shoes. I was not looking for this.
My staunch opinion is that if you have to explain to someone why what your wearing is fashionable, or in anyway have to explain why you put it on your body, it's probably not for you.
These are most definitely not for me....and FYI? They aren't for you either. Just sayin'


Candance said...

Those are like MC Hammer pants for chicks. Except not shiny. Yeah, they're not cute.

My friend Chasity makes some super cute dresses and skirts. They're real funky, made out of vintage material and way comfy. I get tons of compliments on stuff I wear that she's made me. Her blog is and she has a link to her store on there. She also does a lot of custom stuff.

Melanie said...

Super cool(about your friend), I will have to check her out!

I thought the same thing about those pants...I also saw some ((Shoulder Pads)) in some of those blouses.

I refuse to return to that place. It was painful there.

K. Erickson said...

Mel, I must first impression was that they are designer pants to hide a full adult diaper or colostomy bag. It looks like someone just finished dropping a load, and the's the whole "I'm trying to not spread things around further while hunting for the extra roll" stance.

Anonymous said...

Aaww come on Melanie!! I was thinking I could use it for a maternity outfit. . .you know, pull it wwwaaaay up over my belly and have a strapless "outfit" :). Seriously though. . .what are they thinking?!?!? Janice

Melanie said...

Janice- I would pay money (cash) to see you wear these pants!

K.- I totally thought the same made me think of that character Droopy Drawers, right?

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